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Cocoa butter moisturizing lotion has a cocoa flavor and aroma. Its best-known quality is its loving point, which is just below human body temperature. Cocoa butter , also baptized theobroma oil, is a pale-yellow, eatable vegetable fat uncultivated out later the cocoa bean. It is used to make chocolate, as well as some lotions, toiletries, and pharmaceuticals. Plattformno1 is offering a Cocoa butter moisturizing lotion which is very good for every Skin tone. Cocoa butter moisturizing lotion is found from whole cocoa beans, which are enflamed, roasted, and then parted from their hulls. About 54–58% of the residue is cocoa butter. The Broma process is used to extract cocoa butter from ground cocoa beans. Cocoa butter moisturizing lotion is sometimes deodorized to remove strong or undesirable tastes. Chocolate liquor is struggling to apart the cocoa butter from the cocoa solids. . Plattformno1 is also offering a Best skin care products . Cocoa but