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Benefits of Ruva Herbal Mehandi

Naturally condition and color your hair to reveal its innate beauty with Ruva Herbal Mehandi. This Ruva pack is enhanced with 11 herbs and enriches the hair, reduce dandruff and strengthen roots. With normal use, the pre-wash conditioner improves hair growth, softens and straightens hair and reduces hair fall.   Plattformno.1 offers you a Ruva Herbal Mehandi which will help you to keep your hair strong, healthy and shiny. An Ayurvedic product, the cool herbal conditioner is affluent in the extract of neem, amla and methi seeds.  Mehandi’s ability to pick up the touch and colour of hair has made it a conditioner of selection for centuries in India.This is a all in one hair care solution. The unique combination of herbs initiates hair growth,manages damaged hair, reduces frizziness, retards greying of hair, maintains silky shiny texture and controls dandruff and hair fall. It also provides essential oils for additional nourishment and conditioning. Plattformno1 also offe


Anti-Pimple Gel is intended for people with inflamed spots, blackheads, and acne-prone skin. It works on pimples in two main ways; inflamed areas are dried while the gel also clears bacteria to prevent future spots from forming.   Plattformno1 is offering Anti-Pimple Gel which will help your skin from getting rid of pimples. The chloroxylenol it contains helps to fight acne-forming bacteria. It also contains witch hazel, pantheon, and allantois, which help to soothe, smooth, and regenerate skin. The gel also helps the skin to preserve the healthy pH of 5.5, which reduces the growth of bacteria.All of these properties help the gel to leave the skin looking and feeling clearer and healthier over time. Anti-Pimple Gel contains no oils & emulsifiers.    The glycerin, cucumber extract, and hydrolyzed silk satisfied of the gel means that, as the pimples are dried, the skin itself is prohibited from becoming dry and flaky. It does not block the pores and can be us